We use disinfection detergent.

We use disinfection detergent.We wash your the clothes that touch you skin in 100-120F that disinfects your clothes(a better way to say it would be: Make the clothes that touch your skin germ free) https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=278534423512330&id=113122730053501

Laundry Pick-up Service2

WE DO PICKUP&DELIVERY SERVICE! Our cleaners offers home delivery services, and will continue to offer the best cleaning services with sanitizing detergent and drive through services to minimize social contact, given our current situation with COVID19.

Laundry Pick-up Service

To you who are living busy day,  There is a Laundry Pick-up Service for busy days.  If you wish to use, please contact our shop. Your time will be saved.